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I Cannot Help But Turn Back to You

Of the Lasting Ties that Bind

Blair Fawcett
2 min readNov 30, 2022


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

And inevitably when you and I come back together we will return to our kisses, our snickering conversations, our laughter, and our love.

I can still see you in my mind’s eye, walking between rooms in our hallway. Your brilliant sense of self illuminates the very fibers of your being and I can discern it as a slight hop to your step, a lightness to your being. Your laughter at some remarkable bit of news can bring a smile to my face even in the most somber moments.

You turn to me, and, despite whatever hesitation I may conjure, I cannot help but turn back to you and embrace you with helpless hands.

We are together in this rapidly changing, strange world. I with my tea, prayers, and dreams, and you with your prodding sense of humor, charisma, and cooking skills.

When the air is still, I can see both of us in my mind’s eye. I wish to capture us both in a frame, though we are always rapidly escaping boxes that the world tries to fit us in.

You are holding me, and I am holding you.

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