What Does Being a Feminist Mean?

Blair Fawcett
5 min readDec 26, 2019
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There is a lot of confusion about what a feminist is. Feminists appear to be a mystical and chic category of human beings that are seemingly beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. Please allow me to clear up the confusion. You do not have to be a woman to be a feminist. You can be a man. You can be a woman. Or you can be non-binary. To get abstract, you can even be a tree. Feminism is not exclusionary. To be a feminist, all you have to want is equal rights for everyone. Let’s say it again: you are a feminist if you want equal treatment for all people regardless of gender.

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Examples of Feminism

You are a feminist if you want your mother to be paid equally for the same amount of work as your father. You are a feminist if you want your sister to receive the same opportunities as her male classmates. You are a feminist if you get frustrated that your wife works just as hard if not harder than her male counterparts, but seems to always get looked over by the administration. Feminism is an idea born out of frustration for women working hard and not being recognized for their sacrifices.

Feminism is the idea that when you are a teacher, looking over all of your students, you want the same rights and privileges for each of them, regardless of gender, class, or ethnic background.

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Feminists are mothers and fathers looking over their flock of children and seeing perfection in every smile. Their son’s smiles beam just as bright as their daughter’s smiles. Indeed, all children’s smiles are irresistible in their parent’s eyes.

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